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About Us

A family that dreams together, Strengthens together

The History

Linx Legacy started with two Danish guys, Lui and Jeppe, in September 2021,

both with a vision and an ambition to create a safe and secure place for people to develop as humans and as e-sport athletes.

We want to provide the best setting possible for the players to get as far as achievable in their careers. The goal is to be one of the world’s largest e-sport organizations, always focusing on how to become a part of the elite. With a drive and focus on winning as much as possible, we also see the value and potential in developing the new generation of athletes in e-sport, striving to be the best at this.

The Linx Legacy family expanded, when we joined forces with a Danish CSGO organization “ESIMED”, which we’re very proud of – united, we will make a big impact on the Danish CS:GO scene. Despite having Danish roots, Linx Legacy have always had an international mindset regarding the organization’s infrastructure, and how we plan to grow.

This has resulted in the Linx Legacy family counting members all over Europe. We welcome everyone who share our ambition, and respect each other, no matter gender, nationality or ethnicity – as members of the Linx Legacy Family, we’re all one!

Thank you for reading! Best regards, The Linx Legacy family, and the founders.

The History Of Logo´s

Logo 2023

We herald the beginning of an exciting era within esports, where we are exploring new horizons. This is the perfect time to renew and bolster our already strong forces, elevating them to new heights of success. With a dynamic blend of talent, innovation, and passion, there are limitless possibilities ahead of us.

Logo 2022

With a fast growing organization we realized our core values needed to be translated into a new and more professional logo, without deviating from who we are.

Logo 2021

Starting Linx Legacy in September 2021, we wanted our logo to reflect style, power and a shield to represent the safe environment we stand for.