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Career in Linx Legacy | Dreams are your strength. 

Our mission is clear and honest, while our core values are unconditional. We want everyone in the organization to pursue their best, and continue developing, reaching their full potential. A healthy mindset regarding people and diversity is what keeps us together.

At Linx legacy, we believe that it is important to recognize everyone as individuals in order to maintain a safe environment within the Linx Legacy family, no matter culture or beliefs. Honesty is essential if we are to grow together as a family, and as individuals. It is okay to admit mistakes, and everyone is expected to be candid and direct with feedback. Feeling inspired?  If you think that you can contribute and make a positive impact at Linx Legacy, then we happily invite you to apply! We’re looking for individuals with big drives and values that align with ours.

Linx legacy as an organization is flexible, and determined to learn from all members of the Linx legacy family. Are you ready to take things to the next level? 

Then Linx Legacy is the place for you! Come join us! Please apply via Email to the following address: