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First Counter Strike 2 tournament for Linx Legacy!

First Counter Strike 2 tournament for Linx Legacy!   In a thrilling development for fans Counter Strike, Linx Legacy is gearing up to make its mark in ESEA Season 47, with its top-tier teams, Linx Legacy Devil and Linx Legacy MDGR. The forthcoming season is...

Academy, CS:GO, Tournament

Linx Legacy Unveils New Rocket League Team: 

Linx Legacy Unveils New Rocket League Team:  A Fusion of South American and International Ambition   Linx Legacy is thrilled to present its newest additions to the roster.  These three talented players and their seasoned coach are set to make waves in the world of...

Rocket League

Sad news for our Valorant fans.

The time has come for Linx Legacy to bid farewell to the current Valorant team. It’s been an incredible journey, and we wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your dedication and hard work during your time with Linx...


Linx Legacy goes to Major!

The world of competitive Tekken 7 is buzzing with anticipation as REV Major 2023. Set to take place from September 30th to October 1st, 2023, at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines, REV Major 2023 promises to be a clash of...

Tekken, Tournament

Linx Legacy set to shine in CCT open Qualifier

The esports world is full of excitement as the highly anticipated Champions of Champions Tour (CCT) approaches its open qualifier stage. Among the contenders competing for a coveted spot in this prestigious tournament is Linx Legacy. On Saturday, September 23, 2023, at 15:00 GMT+2, Linx...

CS:GO, Tournament

Tekken7 star Joins Linx Legacy

  Exclusive interview! In a thrillingly fast developing Tekken department in Linx Legacy, the organization has now introduced a 4’th member to the family. Hailed as a consistent top player in the world, the player has already stirred waves of excitement and anticipation among fans...


Playground Season 2 2023 Valorant Tournament

Linx Legacy set to conquer Playground Season 2 2023 Valorant Tournament for shot at VRL Mena Finals. In a clash of skill and strategy, the Linx Legacy Valorant team, is gearing up to take the gaming world by storm in the Playground 2023 tournament. With...

Tournament, Valorant

Welcome To l3lackHB

New Content Creator and Tekken 7 player. Welcome l3lackHB! Beyond the achievements in competitive gaming, l3lackHBhas managed to establish a strong presence in the realm of content creation. Leveraging platforms like Twitch and YouTube, they offer viewers a blend of entertaining gameplay, insightful commentary, and...


Juiestorm | Fighting Frenzy 6th | 5’rd place

In a display of killer skills and the will to fight, the new Tekken player Juiestorm has been fighting and giving it all in Frenzy 6th tournament. Fans, players and Linx Legacy the new organization have been following the journey in this tournament, and everyone...


SHIN AKUMA | Fighting Frenzy 6th | 3’rd place

In a display of pure skill and know how, the new Tekken player and coach Shin Akuma has set the stage ablaze at the Fighting Frenzy 6th tournament. Representing his new organization, Linx Legacy, Shin Akuma’s performance has left fans awestruck and proud. With lightning-fast...


Fighting Frenzy 6

Fighting Frenzy 6 Dojo Tournament: Kicking Off Today!   The time has come to ignite the arena with unparalleled excitement as the Fighting Frenzy 6 Dojo Tournament commences today! Get ready for an exhilarating clash of skills and determination that will leave you on the...

Tekken, Tournament

Welcome To Shin Akuma

Ladies and gentlemen and gamers, brace yourselves for an the presentation of the year a strong player ready to dominate the series of TEKKEN 7 and are ready to TEKKEN 8 Shin Akuma! Unleash the power: Shin Akuma, a name that resonates with unparalleled strength...


Roster update

We are thrilled to announce that Linx Legacy Madagascar has welcomed a new member into our family. We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to him as a valued addition to our team. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming ESEA season, our expectations are...


Linx Legacy Remake

Exciting News: Linx Legacy Remake!   We are thrilled to unveil a massive remake of Linx Legacy that is set to take everything to the next level. Brace yourselves for a revitalized experience, as we introduce:   🌐 New Website: We’ve worked hard to bring...

Welcome To Juiestorm

Greetings to all our valued supportere We are overjoyed to extend a heartfelt welcome to the newest addition to our esteemed family: Juiestorm from Thailand! It is with great pleasure that we introduce this dynamic force, poised to take on the incredible and achieve the...