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Linx Legacy sincerely believes that the fast-growing Esport scene carries major potential to create a positive influence on today’s youth – and we want you to be a part of that journey. As a partner, you’re valued and always prioritized.

We bring open dialogue, honesty, and a high level of professionalism to the table. No partnership is too small for the good that we can achieve together, and we look forward to speaking more about how we can develop together as partners! 

Please send us an email to the address below with any details that will help us understand your interests – and we’ll make sure to find out what Linx Legacy partnership opportunities, we can offer you. Thank you!



Hackstage is a multidisciplinary network of VJ’s, multimedia artists, technicians and designers.
We work with video projections, light, scenography, interactive installations and anything in between. Our overall mission is to create challenging and transformational experiences through stage design, music videos and interactive art. We aim to dissolve the boundaries between audience and artists by applying technology in unconven-tional ways that challenge the senses.
Imagine you are going to a big meeting with your client, where you have to present your project
but they suddenly want to see a working prototype, which will take hours to make but should now be able to be done in 10 minutes.
With Hololink, you can quickly insert a 3D object onto the online template and you are already done. and you don’t need an app to share it, you can easily access it on a web browser.