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Fighting Frenzy 6

Fighting Frenzy 6 Dojo Tournament: Kicking Off Today!


The time has come to ignite the arena with unparalleled excitement as the Fighting Frenzy 6 Dojo Tournament commences today! Get ready for an exhilarating clash of skills and determination that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

We are thrilled to announce the participation of two legendary combatants

Shin Akuma and Juiestorm, in the tournament! These fierce warriors bring their unparalleled mastery to the battlefield, promising battles that will go down in Tekken history.


Exclusive Insights from Shin Akuma: Preparing for the Tournament! 

As the Fighting Frenzy 6 Dojo Tournament unfolds, we caught up with the enigmatic Shin Akuma to get a sneak peek into his preparation and expectations for the battles that lie ahead.


The Art of Training and practise with Juiestorm

Shin Akuma shed light on his preparation strategy, In the pursuit of perfection, I believe in honing my skills through intense training. Every move, every combo—it’s a meticulous process that sharpens my edge. By training against my own abilities, I’m able to push my limits and emerge stronger.
as a prelude to the tournament, I’m preparing with Juiestorm.
Together, we’re delving into advanced strategies and tactics to face off against the very best. Our combined experience and dedication will surely make waves in the tournament.


Excited and ready for battle expectations for the tough battle

Shin Akuma confidently stated, Juiestorm and I have set our sights on  the top 3. Our determination and synergy on the battlefield are undeniable, and we’re ready to take on any challengers who stand in our way.

Juiestorm and I are not only ready to show our skills, but also to learn from each and every encounter. It’s all about the journey to the top.


Stay tuned as the Fighting Frenzy 6 Dojo Tournament takes flight and Shin Akuma, along with Juiestorm, unleash their unparalleled might upon the battlefield.

Let the battle begin!


August 20, 2023