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First Counter Strike 2 tournament for Linx Legacy!

First Counter Strike 2 tournament for Linx Legacy!


In a thrilling development for fans Counter Strike, Linx Legacy is gearing up to

make its mark in ESEA Season 47, with its top-tier teams, Linx Legacy Devil and Linx Legacy MDGR.

The forthcoming season is slated to commence on October 20th, promising a massive display of skill and strategy!


ESEA Season 47 Overview:

  • Game: Counter-Strike 2
  • Team Size: 5v5
  • Total Prize Pool: $214,050.00
  • Map Pool: Competitive


The Counter Strike community eagerly awaits the start of ESEA Season 47,

where Linx Legacy´s two teams, will be not only competing but also attending

the first ever Counter Strike 2 tournament!


Linx Legacy´s journey in ESEA Season 47 officially begins on October 24th.

Mark your calendars, clear your schedules, and get ready to support Linx Legacy Devil and Linx Legacy MDGR as they battle for glory!


Devil & MDGR roster reveal!


Linx Legacy has announced the revamped rosters for their Counter Strike 2

teams – Linx Legacy Devil and Linx Legacy Madagascar.


The organization expressed their honor and enthusiasm in welcoming new

talent, showcasing their commitment to staying competitive in the ever-

evolving world of Counter Strike.


Here is the proud line-up for Linx Legacy Devil:

  • STR from Ukraine
  • Coffee from Belarus
  • lif3 from Ukraine
  • lUMiER from Russia
  • fnyekes from Belarus


These skilled players brings an international blend of talent to Linx Legacy

Devil, highlighting the organization’s commitment to building a diverse and

competitive team.


Linx Legacy MDGR has also expanded their lineup.

Here is the massive final line-up:

  • Kemi from Russia
  • dANCER from Russia
  • fiction from Azerbaijan
  • mASTHEAD from Russia
  • Rezkiy from Russia


Linx Legacy MDGR´s new roster comprises talented players from various

regions, further solidifying the team´s diversity and ambition.


These two legendary teams are set to represent Linx Legacy in the

organization´s first-ever Counter Strike 2 tournament.


Linx Legacy is keen on making a strong impact in this tournament, and the

organization’s decision to bring in fresh talent is a testament to their

commitment to staying at the forefront of competitive CS2.


The Counter strike 2 community and Linx Legacy fans eagerly awaits the

performances of Linx Legacy Devil and Linx Legacy MDGR, as they compete to

make their mark in the upcoming tournament!


Stay tuned to the Linx Legacy website and social media channels for updates,

match schedules, and live streams of the games.

Don´t miss a moment of the action!


October 21, 2023