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Juiestorm | Fighting Frenzy 6th | 5’rd place

In a display of killer skills and the will to fight, the new Tekken player Juiestorm has been fighting and giving it all in Frenzy 6th tournament.

Fans, players and Linx Legacy the new organization have been following the journey in this tournament, and everyone has been following it proudly.

As the tournament progresses, Juiestorm got challenged several times but didn’t give up one second! – he managed to fight he’s way to a 5’th place! Fans, organizations and fellow gamers alike are buzzing with excitement, cheering for this exceptional player and his remarkable new journey with Linx Legacy.

Stay tuned for more electrifying updates as Juiestorm continues his journey as player in Linx Legacy, leaving a trail of victory and admiration in his wake.


August 21, 2023