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Linx Legacy Remake

Exciting News: Linx Legacy Remake!
We are thrilled to unveil a massive remake of Linx Legacy that is set to take everything to the next level. Brace yourselves for a revitalized experience, as we introduce:
🌐 New Website: We’ve worked hard to bring you a brand new online hub, tailored to provide an enhanced user experience. Navigate through a sleek and intuitive design that reflects the essence of Linx Legacy.
🎨 New Logo: Our visual identity has undergone a transformation. The new logo symbolizes our evolution and commitment to excellence in the world of esports.
🏆 New Teams: Get ready to witness our new and strengthened lineup of teams. With a focus on skill, strategy, and teamwork, we’re gearing up to make a mark in the esports arena.
The esports landscape is evolving rapidly, and we’re determined to be at the forefront of these exciting changes. Our remake marks a significant step forward, empowering us to lead and innovate.
Stay tuned as we set out on this remarkable journey. Linx Legacy is stronger than ever before, and we’re ready to embrace the future.
Thank you for your continued support!

August 15, 2023