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Linx Legacy Unveils New Rocket League Team: 

Linx Legacy Unveils New Rocket League Team: 

A Fusion of South American and International Ambition


Linx Legacy is thrilled to present its newest additions to the roster. 

These three talented players and their seasoned coach are set to make waves in the world of competitive Rocket League, marking a key move in the organization’s history.


Meet the Players: Brazilian Powerhouses

Linx Legacy is proud to introduce its trio of Rocket League players, hailing from the esports community of Brazil:


Lucas Campelo: Known in the Rocket League universe as “lucas06,” Campelo is a name synonymous with precision and finesse on the virtual pitch. 

Antonio Schilling Júnior: Under the alias “firefoxd,” Schilling has consistently demonstrated his prowess as a Rocket League phenom. 

Bruno Haberkamp: Haberkamp, known as “Haberkamper,” rounds out this stellar trio of players. His technical mastery and strategic brilliance have solidified his status as one of Brazil’s top Rocket League talents.


These three players from Brazil bring with them a wealth of experience, having competed at the highest levels in the South American league. Their journey to Linx Legacy represents a commitment to raising their game on the international stage while maintaining their dominance in their home region.


Meet the Coach: Martin Antonio from Chile

Guiding this talented trio to new heights is none other than Martin Antonio, an esports coach extraordinaire from Chile. With a wealth of coaching experience and a keen understanding of Rocket League dynamics, Antonio is set to be one of the key elements in Linx Legacy’s quest for success.


Charting a Path to International Supremacy

As they embark on this exciting journey, the Linx Legacy Rocket League squad plans to balance their domination of the South American region with a strong push onto the international scene. Their ambition knows no bounds as they aim to compete against the best teams worldwide.


An Open Interview with the New Linx Legacy Rocket League Stars

To provide a deeper look into their aspirations, we sat down with Lucas Campelo, Antonio Schilling Júnior, Bruno Haberkamp, and Coach Martin Antonio for an open interview. Here are some highlights from our conversation:


What inspired each of you to pursue a career in competitive Rocket League, and how has your journey led you to this exciting opportunity with Linx Legacy?

“Because we really like the game and we realize that we do what we like well, so we played for a long time and today there is this great opportunity to play united with Linx Legacy. We are very excited to be part of this story!”


As you transition from dominating the South American scene to competing internationally, what aspects of your gameplay and strategy do you feel will give Linx Legacy an edge against top-tier global competition?

“We play with great synergy, and we know this will make a total difference in the entire championship and games to come.”


Team chemistry is often the key to success in esports. How do you plan to build strong bonds both in and out of the game to enhance your performance as a unit?

“Haber and fire have been friends since they were children, and since lucas06 joined the team, their performance has only improved, and everyone is very good friends with each other. They play as if they were connected, so this will make a big difference.”


Coach Martin Antonio, what strategies and coaching philosophies do you intend to implement to help the team reach its full potential, and how do you see your role evolving as the season progresses?

“The best strategy in the world is to remain calm and keep everything under control, and in this regard, I think the 3 are very calm and communicate very well.

In terms of rotation, they are impeccable”



What message do you have for the Linx Legacy fans and the broader esports community? What can they expect from this new era of Rocket League under the Linx Legacy banner?

“The message we have is that they stay tuned and really open their eyes to this roster that we are going to turn around today’s competitive scene.”



Linx Legacy’s investment in this new Rocket League lineup promises a thrilling future for fans and a potential shakeup in the competitive Rocket League scene. 

Stay tuned for more updates and exhilarating matches from Linx Legacy’s Rocket League division, as they aim to leave their legacy on the esports world.


October 9, 2023